Monday, December 15, 2008

Who doesn't like a whole neckstrap?

Raise your hand, if you're like me, and not a fan of a whole neckstrap on your camera... Well today might be your lucky day.
I recently found this product at the store, it is the SafeGrip Strap made by Camera Armor, who have brought us many cool accessories. But this has to be the coolest of them all in my opinion.
The SafeGrip can be used by itself and attaches to the lug where your strap attaches to the camera, or how I have mine set up, and attaches to the existing half strap and then goes around your wrist. (Pictured here)
It is available by itself for $19.99 or with the full ToughStrap (neckstrap) for $39.98 at Kerrisdale Cameras, and likely many other Photographic Retailers.
Tis a great little stocking stuffer for any photographer, as it makes it just a little safer for us to hold on to, without it falling, or a little more secure from someone just grabbing our cameras and running off when it is firmly attached to us.
I was photographing a full day wedding with it the just this past Friday, and I found it to be very comfortable, as it is made from breathable material. And for the most part... not in my way, there was one or two times where I kind of found it annoying, but that is just working it into my workflow and how I do things; I expect within no time I will get over those issues and work things differently to accommodate the SafeGrip Strap.
I call this a 5-star product, and highly recommend it for anyone, whether you are using it with an existing neckstrap, halfstrap or just on it's own; with or without the ToughStrap.
I hope you all had a good weekend, and good shooting to you all.


Quin B said...

Cool. With the QR buckle, you're set to go. :)

Tri-City Photography Club said...

This strap has a velcro closure, so it is super easy to out on and take off.