Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you

I want to thank all of you that took the time to come out last night to the Kerrisdale Cameras Open House, while the total number of people that came was not large, the crowd that did come, most of them stayed for the whole night. Granted we were a tad hard to find... I promise for more signage for the next one in the spring sometime. 

However, we were told by almost everyone that came was very pleased with the informal teaching that went on. 

The big topics of the night was Sensor Cleaning, and Wireless Flash photography.

Congratulations to Don Cardinal for winning the Custom Colour gift certificate, and to John Saremba for winning the Arctic Butterfly Brite, in the door prizes. And every Canon user that came in walked out with a Canon EF Lens Book courtesy of Canon Canada

Thank you to Wayne (store manager), and Linda (head office) for both of their efforts into pulling this off.

And thank you to my counterpart Richard for his assistance. 

As I said, we will be doing this about 2 times a year from now on, Spring & Fall; so we are interested in knowing what you want to hear about, and what you want us to bring in for you. 

So feel free to email us at the store:  or email me directly at: 

And again, Thank you to all that attended. 


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