Friday, December 5, 2008

Resurrected from the depths

Greetings all

My name is John, and I am going to be the new blogger here for the TriCity Photography Club; as I have taken it over from the creator of it and member at large, Glen. 

It is my intention to attempt to make a posting here at least once a week, but there will be times where I will not be able to get to it, and there will be times where you won't be able to shut me up. 

I will make this available for others to post to (via me), and pass along information and posts about Club events, or just cool to know information for our local area. 

The TriCity Photography Club is located in the Port Moody Secondary Drama room on the Second and Forth Mondays of each month, the club email is: if you wish to address the club in general, and not directed at anyone in particular. 

If you are looking for the crew in charge, Jonathan Allen is the club President this season, and can be reached at:

And John Roberts (Moi) is the club Vice-President, and I can be reached at:

Eric & Antoinette share the duties of the club treasury, sometimes Eric is away, and Antoinette fills in, or vice-versa. 

We have about 40 regularly active members, but with a total membership of about 50, but are always welcome to more, and we have a vast range from the very new to photography to the Semi-Professional, and all that lays between those. We are very orientated to a hands on approach, and there are lots of 'Bring your gear' nights where we have shooting during the meeting. 

We also have a 'Trash the Dress' event planned for the spring. Before that even, there will be a Strobist night at the club, where we will be teaching members how to use their flashes to the best of their ability, all in preparation for this 'TTD' shoot. 

Next week on Thursday Dec 11 th, Kerrisdale Cameras in Coquitlam Centre will be hosting an Open House night for the local photo clubs, and I will be there helping host it. (As I am a part time employee of Kerrisdale Cameras) 

The purpose of the Open House is for a chance to get to know the Kerrisdale staff a bit better, and to also your hands on the latest and greatest, give it a decent test. We're not doing this solely for sales to you, Wayne and I were talking about just getting the local clubs use to coming to see us for any questions that they may have, and not to have to go all the way into Vancouver to Leo's or Beau to get the good advice. 

I will be putting on a routine maintenance demo for DSLR care, which will include sensor cleaning, and a wireless flash demo. Richard will be putting on a demo or two as well. 

Wayne will be running back and forth from the store to room we have rented in Coquitlam Centre, he is our official Door Greeter. ;-) 

Wow... from club info to shameless KCL plug... ANYWAY. 

I am looking forward to blogging for you all, and if you have anything you wish to share with the rest of the club (and the world) through our blog here, email me at my above mentioned email, and I will post it for you. 

Also be sure to check out our Flickr group as mentioned in a previous post, we have a strong membership on Flickr, but it can always get stronger. 

In the next few days I will be posting about my week I had with the Nikon D90, that the rep was kind enough to lend to me for a week to give it a good solid test. 

Cheers and good shooting



Cyberheaven said...

Hi John:

Thanks for taking on this initiative. As a relatively new member to the Tri-City Photography Club, I can attest to the positive and supportive environment provided at club meetings and outings.

One of my friends suggested that joining a photography club was one of the best ways to learn good techniques for creative images. Having taken his advice, I can certainly see the value and improvement in my own photographic skills.

So for anyone in the Tri-Cities area interested in learning how to use their camera, consider attending a meeting with this group.

Tri-City Photography Club said...

You are welcome John, thank you for stopping by and for the kind words.

It is my hopes with this blog to help people such as yourself. I know while I may not know everything that some of our newer members wish to know, but I usually am able to find out the answer they are looking for; so for those questions people might have that I can answer right away, I do my best to do so.