Sunday, October 4, 2009

Protecting your memory

And no... I am not talking about keeping your mind sharp, by playing games on your iPhone or Nintendo DS.

I'm talking about the memory cards for your camera. Believe it or not, those little cards are not as durable as we would like; and they require some care when storing more than one card in your bag. (Albeit, there was this one time I did send one of my CF card's in it's little carry case that it came with, through the wash in the pocket of my pants, and I was able to download the photos that were on it... of course the card never worked again after that...)

And while a number of the high end cards such as the Lexar Professional and SanDisk Extreme do come with a little card case for that card, not all the cards we buy do come with a hard carry case.

So if you want to protect your cards, and use CompactFlash, SD/MMC/SDHC, XD (Olympus), or MemoryStick (Sony) style cards, any and all of these will fit in the Gepe Extreme Card Safe...

Some of you will have seen me with the ones that I use, and there was a few questions about my card carry case after I posted the video on my bag. I have been using these little hard cases for about 3 years now, and I love how easy they are, and how indestructible they are.

When I went to a training night some time ago, when the distributor was announcing these, and to show how durable they really are, he took a few photos of us arriving, put in into a Gepe Extreme Card Safe, parked his Ford F250 on top of it, left it there for dinner, moved the truck, picked up the case, popped the card in the laptop, and displayed the photos of us arriving.

Right from there, I was sold... I ordered 2 that day; and have been using them ever since.

They are drop proof, water proof, dust proof and crush proof (within reason of course), and I have put both of mine through Hell and back again. They still look great, they still work great; and best of all, they keep my cards organized, and safe.

And for this piece of mind for keeping your cards safe and secure, all it costs you is $29.99 at Kerrisdale Cameras, or many other photographic retailers. Lowepro, Pelican and a couple others have brought out their own versions of these too; but the Gepe was the first on to the block; and in my opinion, still the best looking.


Also a reminder, that the regularly scheduled meeting of Oct 12, 2009, will be canceled due to the holiday, our next meeting will be on Oct 26, 2009, and Dave will be presenting to us on Composition.

Until then, good shooting.


Brennan the Vyper said...

Would you go so far as to say they are "Brennan-Proof"?

Tri-City Photography Club said...

Frak buddy... I'd almost call it Wayne Proof!

Karen said...

Thanks for the info. I thought the little plastic cases that came with the SD cards were waterproof ... guess what, they're not! Off to buy a proper one.

Tri-City Photography Club said...

Well Karen, those little cases they come with are decent for protecting, but as soon as you start introducing more than a couple cards, it gets a little confusing.