Thursday, September 10, 2009

TCPC Season 2009/2010

Greetings all As you may or may not have read in Jonathan's last email to the club, is that due to some schedule conflicts for him, his is having to step down from the president's position; and me with my new found freedom of time in my schedule after leaving my job as the head of security, have stepped up and taken the position. And while I am sure the few of us that do things there, could run the club as is, the position of vice president is available to any that might feel up to the task; and it would be very helpful for me.
I would like to thank Jonathan for this last year, and being so new to the club and taking on the presidency like he did was a big help for us all. I think Jonathan did an outstanding job, and I personally am going to try to do as good as a job as he did... that's not a guaranty however.
We will be looking for some ideas for this upcoming season, I have some of my own, but I am open to hear all of yours as well.
So if you have anything you wish to share with me for ideas or anything else that may be of interest for the club, please feel free to email me at:
See you all on Sept 14.


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