Friday, March 27, 2009

Hotshoe Diaries

For anyone really into the whole Strobist thing, then you have been really looking forward to Joe McNally's new book, the Hotshoe Diaries

I just picked mine up today, after a lengthy Pre-Order, production got pushed back a couple times, but it is out in stores now, and available online

When I left Chapters today, they had 2 left on the shelf, but I do not suspect that will last long. 

Oh, and if you are really into your books, then you might want to 'Pimp your McNally' like this guy did with the last joe McNally book "the Moment it Clicks", which was already a great look into his mind, but H.S.D.'s is even more so, with complete full descriptions and drawings of lighting set ups. 

I'm going to read now... 


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